Monday, June 2, 2008

Sea Bugs and Friends!

You wouldn't think these very ugly sea bugs would eat well, but you have no idea.

When cooked, these scrumptious creatures make for a fun evening.

This past Friday, my girlfriends daddy and her husband went crabbing and fishing. Then.......INVITED US TO DINNER!

Those pesky little suckers are a mess to eat.......a lot of work for just a little meat, but OH SO MUCH FUN when everyone is just having a good time (did I mention yummy?)

So, for those of you that have never eaten steamed blue crab, a recipe!


For each dozen crabs use:

2 1/2 tablespoons Old Bay Seasoning

Cayenne pepper to taste

3 tablespoon salt

water and vinegar

Use a large pot (we use a turkey fryer, outside), such as a canner, with a raised rack in the bottom at least 2 inches above bottom of the pot (a round barbecue grill sitting on bricks or stones works well). Fill pot with equal quantities of vinegar and water to just below the level of the rack. Add craps to pot in layers, sprinkling each layer of live crabs*** with the mixture of Old Bay Seasoning and salt. Cover and steam until crabs or red, about 20 to 30 minutes. Serve crabs immediately. Because seafood spoils quickly, keep crabs warm in steamer or promptly refrigerate.

Serve steamed crab on a table covered with paper for easy cleanup and with plenty of cold beer. Melted butter seasoned with a little Old Bay Seasoning is often served on the side. Have plenty of paper towels handy.

***When adding crabs to pot, make sure the crab is alive. Crabs spoil quickly and any dead crabs should be discarded

The rest is easy....make sure you have claw crackers on hand for everyone and MUNCH!

For those of you that heard the myth that crabs scream, it is just steam that builds up under the shell. It isn't really a scream, it's more of a pppphhhhhhhhhhhhhtttttttt.

Serve with corn on the cob (leave the husk on, butter them inside the husk and throw them on the grill), fried zucchini and yellow squash (sliced and battered in corn meal).

Invite your friends and pass out the bibs!


Nancy said...

I just noticed this post! And here I just wrote you a short book on your other post!

I could never kill a crab like that. Poor things. I've heard they are quite tasty, but no thank you! Your menu sounded good, though. I always look at the lobsters in the markets and feel sorry for them. I know, I know....I'm a softie!!! LOL

I've been to your city before as my uncle was stationed there in the Air Force years ago. I think I was like 11 at the time! That was a verrrry long time ago!!!

Have a good week! I check blogs every day when I can, so keep writing!!! I have to get my blog "fix" every day, you know! LOL


hippochick said...

my mouth is watering.

i'll bring the wine.

Anonymous said...

My uncle used to catch blue crabs and steam them at their home on the gulf in Clearwater--brings me back. Thanks for pointing out that they don't "scream" they "steam" I learned that in my 20's and finally stopped feeling bad for the "sea bugs".

Diane said...

I could eat a million! Get 'em ready...I'm on my way...with the cerveza!!