Monday, December 29, 2008

Most Difficult Post of My Life

They look like real guns, don't they? They aren't. They are part of a new trend in toys.

These are "Airsoft" guns. They are marketed as safe because they shoot plastic pellets, or BB's.

Three days before Christmas, and just a few days after her 10th Birthday, My Taylor was shot, at close range, in the right eye with one of those.

It was a complete accident, no one was to blame. The gun accidentally went off.

After a trip to the Emergency Room, we were sent to the best ophthalmologist in town, actually out of town (because of the Holiday), the prognosis was a tough one.

If Taylor stayed on complete bed rest for five days, she may in might, ok. She had severe Corneal damage. There was bleeding behind her eye, and the permanence of the damage couldn't be seen because of the trauma.

Christmas was.....horrible for her. She got a scooter she couldn't ride, video games she couldn't play with and art supplies she couldn't use. Through it all...she was a trooper. She kept telling ME it was ok, that she would rather save her eye, that the toys would still be there when she got better. My own little Tiny Tim.

Her Christmas Dinner was ......right here:

The chair where she spent 5 days. The only time she left it was to go to bed with me. Her Zoe close by. She wasn't allowed to lay flat, so I kept monitoring her at night to make sure she stayed semi upright.

Today, we went back to the Doctor. The news isn't great, but it's not bad.

Tay has a traumatic cataract. The blood is gone, she is showing improvement, but still cannot see. Her Dr gave her a referral to see a Retina Specialist next Monday. Dr sees some shadows on her retina that concern him.

Over the next few weeks, Taylor can resume activities. Slowly. She is not expected to resume normal activity for a couple of months. They will fit her for glasses to see if her vision can be corrected with them, rather than surgery.

The support from family and friends has been astounding. Nancy over at Nancy's Nonsense posted my plea for prayers. Putting her own health concerns aside for my baby.

Taylor's Grandmother is out of the country, so she doesn't know. I hope that when I do speak to her, that I have only the good news to tell her.

This is about to be a New Year...and quite frankly folks...........we need those prayers for a miracle.

Along with those prayers, we need a real good look at these "toys" and the damages they can do. If any of you know someone that knows someone, that can help either for more awareness, or education, or other parents that are going thru similar situations........let me know.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Double Digits!

Wow, time does fly! Taylor is in the Double Digits this past week!

Yes, little, sweet, opinionated, stubborn Taylor. And she had a HORRIBLE time (can't you tell?)

That would be (from Left to Right) Taylor, Eddie, Megan and Tristin. Her best friends.

Eddie only stayed for the pizza and cake, but the girls spent the night.

And had a fashion show:

And Taylor took the prize:

I am in SOOOOOOO much trouble!

I wonder what she was wishing for?


I love you more every day and I didn't ever think that was even possible since you filled my heart the day you were born, and every day since.