Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What Taylor Wants to Be When She Grows Up

Remember Taylor?

She's the PUNK??

She is very definite about what she wants to do when she grows up. She either wants to be a scientist, or a pilot. She also thinks of going nowhere else to college but MIT? THAT Taylor?

She visited one of our museums today.

yes.......that is The Mother Of All Bombs(aka MOAB). They have been tested here twice. Once on land, once over water.

Back to Taylor.......

Being the experienced flyer that she is (simulator that is)........this was her FAVORITE field trip.

She got to see a B52 Bomber (up close and personal)

A Stealth Bomber (my personal Fav)

And some really HUGE Helicopters........
With HUGE rotors:

Some really old planes too!

All in all a day in hog heaven for Taylor.

Credit must be given to the photographers, Taylor and her classmates. Maybe when they bring the F-35's here to Elgin AFB, they will get a special invite to see them!

Also... A Special Thanks to a great school system that encourages these young minds to be proactive in the pursuit of math and science education. Taylor and her classmates are in an accelerated science program, that allows them to fly flight simulators, learn about the universe and basically experiment with some really KOOL things!


The HUGE hint that I dropped to one of my dearest friends may have gotten the job done. It may be, that when the first F-35 lands here in January, Taylor's class may be one of the ones who get to see them. IF that happens, I will keep you all updated, but pictures may not be immediately available.