Sunday, June 8, 2008

Aye Matey, Dem Pirates are Here

The Pirate Billy Bowlegs has arrived and declared a week of frivolity and merriment in our small town. Maybe the mayor can throw him and his Krewe out in a weeks time, but for now.....the town parties!

The single largest party on the Emerald Coast is in it's 53rd year. We do love our parties, and our Pirates!

We decided this year, since we were attending the party with people we work with, and on the boat with lots of nutty drunks out on the water, the girls should stay home. They will likely go to the Torchlight Parade with us, but the party on the water was just not an appropriate place for them to be.

There was much Merriment aboard the Roach Approach! Just look at the Hotties I got to spend the day with!


No matter where you looked, people were having a big time:

I had one moment with a twinge of "I want that", "Why can't I have that"? when I saw this:

Oh Baby!

The waters were seriously patrolled by our Sheriff's Dept, Fish and Wildlife the Marine Patrol AND the Coast Guard.

They did a Wonderful job protecting us (and themselves) from the idiots who don't know when enough is enough. It's a great party, but some will always overdo it.

If you want to see a video, go HERE.

Also, this last week, Ashley graduated from Middle School. She is now officially (ugh) a High Schooler,
Boy did I cry. I remembered her first day of school. She was so little and so cute, and now she's grown up.

Talk about stupid, the middle school she went to has it's own theater, but for some reason the powers that be decided their graduation should be in the library. They crammed all of us in there, the kids couldn't even sit down and there was NO A/C!

Our next big party will be at Crab Island for the 4th.
Imagine that with ..................oh about 4000 more boats.

Remember I showed all of you that ugly building at the Destin Harbor? Here are pictures of the Harbor and the East Pass:
(Click to enlarge)

I love love love where I live.

There is a reason they call this the Emerald Coast.

I hope all of you had a lovely weekend.


Nancy said...

You have some great photos here! The one I really like the best is the one of your daughter! She is darling! Yes, m'am, she's grown up now! High school! I can remember those days with my own kids.

Looks like you had a bunch of fruitcakes dressed in pirate costumes! LOL They had to be hot in those clothes! What a man won't do to have fun, huh? ha-ha

Yes, I, too, love where you live! I love the ocean, or any body of water for that matter.

Beautiful post! It was well worth waiting for!


Beth said...

Congrats to your daughter! She is beautiful!

And you are right to love where you live...looks like a great place1

hippochick said...

i, too, love the emerald coast. it is my favorite vacation spot. i really love the beach.

your daughter is lovely. they grow up so very fast, don't they?

i hope your week is fantabulous.

~hippo hugs~

Jennifer said... sounds like you guys had a ton of fun in the sun!!!! I'm once again JEALOUS!!!!!

Congrats to your daughter for graduation! Wipe those tears away Momma! It'll be alright. Just look at her smile...she is so excited!!

We are going to Orange Beach, Alabama in a couple of weeks with our church youth group. Ever heard of it?? We are SO excited! We have a great group of kids going.

Love all your pictures of your Emerald Coast.

and...YES...I want that Yacht too!!!!!

Bronie said...

awesome pics! looks like a fun time!

wow...high school! hold on for the ride. we'll be there in a year ourselves. yikes!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics! Sounds like a blast!


DidiLyn said...

I am trying to crawl through my computer screen and into your pictures. Remember "Mary Poppins?" It could work, right?
Or if I tap my red heels together and say "There's no place like Florida....there's no place like Florida..." Okay I should wake up now. Darn it.