Monday, June 16, 2008

Girls Day Out

Most normal women think of something resembling "Sex in the City" when they hear "Girls Day Out".

I said normal!

This was MY girls day out:

These lovely young ladies are: Ashley, Mia, Alyssa, Taylor and little Haley.

They are a great date. I even got to torture them with these!

These are the greatest little girl torture devices ever invented! They work by sucking up water, from the Gulf, from a bathtub, or even from melted ice in a cooler, then squirting your tortuee (is that a word?).

Looks fun, huh!

This is such a cool place to hang out. There is this water slide in the middle of the bay that is about 50 ft high:

Even the Ice Cream Man is on the water:

The best part is the little girls hanging out with their Daddy's on Father's Day.

It's those sweet little girls, fresh from the shower, after a really hard day of playing, that give us the most joy:

No worries Ladies..........I have ALOE!

We had one downfall to our day, it was this group:

They were drunk. And despite hanging out all day next to a boat with 5 little girls on it, they decided it would be fun to rip the bald guy in front's pants off.........and he decided it was cool to show his (not really all that much) everything to the world.

It really is a shame that the whole fun day ended with us pulling up anchor because some dumb jerks just cannot control themselves. Fortunately, the girls saw nothing, they were too busy playing.

Allen's Update, he is doing much much better. The antibiotic is working and he goes back to the eye doctor tomorrow.

Again, thank you for your concern and prayers. He is ok because of all of you.


hippochick said...

there will always be jerks, won't there? i bet they are jerks when they are sober too.

glad you had a fun day in spite of them.

also ptl for allen's good recovery.

jim's surgery was today. i'll posttomorrow.


Nancy said...

Looked like a fun day for the girls! (Except for the drunken jerks!) Glad the kids enjoyed the day with their fathers. That water looks so cool and inviting!!!

Glad to hear that Allen is doing better, too!!!


Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a great time. What beautiful girls you've got there! How old were the creepies in theboat next to you? College age? I teach that age and I've experienced their creepiness firsthand.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

That looks like a fantastic day on the water!

And I'm so glad to hear that Allen is doing better! Keep us posted!