Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sesame-Garlic Chicken Wings

Mama @ Big Mama's House is having a summer cooking post.

Since I had the BEST WINGS I ever had today, I decided to share the recipe:

1/4 cup Kikkoman Teriyaki Marinade
2 tbsp low sodium soy sauce
1/2 cup honey
2 tbsp tonkatsu (asian stores)
2 tbsp pure sesame oil
2 tbsp sagogi powder (asian stores) or beef bullion
1 tsp coriander powder
3 tbsp Teriyaki glaze
4 cloves garlic - lightly crushed
Hot peppers to taste......mild, use none, hot use habaneros

Mix glaze items in large bowl and adjust sweetness or saltiness as needed. If the mix is too salty, add some Coke to sweeten. Stir and set aside for at least 15 minutes to meld flavors.


1 family pack chicken wings (30-35 count)
2 cups all purpose flour
1/2 cup cornstarch

Depending on what type of fryer you are using, heat oil. We prefer to use a turkey fryer outside with peanut oil.

Heat oil on high.

Cut chicken wings in two pieces. Combine flour/cornstarch mixture in a paper grocery bag. Dredge wings thru mixture and shake off excess. Turn down temp on oil to Med High and fry wings in small batches until golden brown. Drain wings and toss into glaze immediately.


PS: If I could sit down and drink the glaze, I would. It is THAT good!

Pss, this recipe is not my own. However, I am still awaiting permission to tell you whose it is.


Noel who is our IT Techie told me it would be ok to tell you the recipe is his. Ladies....the man CAN COOK YA'LL!


Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, thank you for the delicious Sesame-Garlic Chicken Wing recipe! Gotta try this soon.

Have a great evening!


DidiLyn said...

You are a girl after my own heart, Michelle! I am a chicken wing LOVER. YUMM!!!

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Yum! I love me some chicken wing!

Midlife Mom said...

Do you deliver???!!!

hippochick said...

Yummy! Yummy! For now, we are forgoing treats like that. Jim has lost 24 pounds, me only 16. We're working at it though.

We're just filing all the yummy recipes for another time when we can allow ourselves an occasional treat.

~hippo hugs~

Nancy said...

Oh, that sounds good! I'll make them sometime when I'm having company.

I'm still busy with sick kitties. One of my developed a urinary blockage! The vet said if I hadn't taken him to the emergency vet clinic that night (Thursday night) that he would have died a horrible death during the night with a ruptured bladder! I've been juggling him back and forth from there to his regular vet during the day. The emergency clinic is only open when the other vets are closed. So thus, the juggling! He's at the emergency clinic all weekend to receive IV fluids to keep his kidneys flushed, and then I have to pick him up tomorrow morning at 7am and take him back to my vet again! I'm hoping he can come home tomorrow afternoon. I go visit him every day, and going again today! He was so happy to see me!

Oh, Lyle has posted so check it out!

Will call you soon! Just so much going on that I haven't had time to sit down much yet!