Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thoughtful Thursday: Mistakes

Some rocket scientist thought this horrid looking monstrosity would be gorgeous if it was built at the entrance of beautiful Destin Harbor (where no other building is tall).

It isn't.

I guess some mistakes you just cannot fix.....but living in Hurricane Alley, maybe a Higher Power will think it's as ugly as I do.

That's mean....people have homes there. I am sorry.


Jennifer said...

That certainly is one LARGE complex. I bet it totally looks out of place there.

Anonymous said...

Your summer persona could be a modeling photo--great pic! Love, D

Nancy said...

Yes, you're right, it is kind of ugly and probably does look like it doesn't belong there. But people do need homes, huh?

hippochick said...

EWWW! What were they thinking?

Michelle said...

Jenn, it looks TOTALLY out of place.

Nancy, normal people cannot afford those "homes" the condos START at 1.5 million.

Pam, my sentiments exactly.......EWWWWWW

Diane said...

Oh's a nightmare...(gulp)