Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend Pictography

For all of you who live where it is still a bit chilly, I am sorry from the bottom of my heart for showing these to you.

This was our fantabulous weekend!
(click on photos to enlarge)

A client of Allen's let us borrow his beautiful boat:

Most Handsome had it all planned out. We were going to spend the night on the boat in Panama City (about 65 miles from home). He called in a favor, got us a great slip and off we went. Of course that made me so..........

And what did the kids think? I'll let you see for yourself.

Ashley had this to say:

Taylor, she felt this way:

And Harley.....he was First Mate!

We saw some beautiful vistas:

We found these:

We put them back after the pictures.

We had neighbors like these:

And a beautiful sunset:

We relaxed the whole weekend, some more than others:

And loved every single minute of it!

I hope your weekends were just exactly what you wanted to do!


hippochick said...

Because you are so sweet I will try my very best not to be jealous. We are having absolutely horrible weather. It didn't get above 50 today. Isn't that awful for June.

Your pictures were wonderful. It looked like such fun. AND the picture of you and your red hair is gorgeous. You looked so very relaxed and happy.

Hope your week is as good as your weekend.

Nancy said...

Just found your blog through a friend's blog. Your photos were absolutely stunning! Nothing like living close to that water!!! That has always been my dream.

Your daughters are just darling! I raised 2 teenagers, also...a girl and a boy. Now that I look back on those happy years, I would give my eye teeth to be back in that time again! You will, too, someday.

Loved the photos of your cute little dog! Looked like he was all tuckered out!

Enjoy your girls while you can as they grow up all too fast!

See you next time! Thanks for letting me stop by!

Jennifer said...

What an awesome boat!!! I like you and all, but I am still jealous. You will just have to deal with it and I will have to pray about it. LOL!

I can't wait to come to Panama City!!! All of your pictures are wonderful.

Glad you had a fantabulous weekend!!

Diane said...

Okay, rub it Although it's not cold here in SC as say, at Pam's. But, the mornings have been quite cool. Certainly not warm enough here to enjoy water sports. Loved the pics! It was so serene...Have a happy and blessed Memorial Day!!

DidiLyn said...

Okay, first of all, I don't think you sounded sorry enough. Not even close.
Second, the pictures made it all worth it.
I've missed emailing with you lately.

Nancy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I haven't always been a southern gal. I was born in NY state and grew up in PA. Been in the South since '84 due to hubby's job transfer and LOVE it!!! We were moved to IN but only stayed a year...didn't like the cold weather there so we moved back. I'm here to stay now!

I'll be stopping by your blog whenever I see a new post from you!

Nancy said...

You are hilarious! I don't consider myself a Yankee any longer. Been here too long! I am firmly planted in the South now. Yes, please forgive me for being a Yankee...LOL

Nancy said...

Where have you been, girl?!?!? I've been waiting for a new post from you! I should talk...I need to post yet from Memorial Day myself!

郭富城Jason said...