Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thoughtful Thursday: Envy

I don't envy, surprisingly.


I sure would love to have this view every day!


hippochick said...

I'm with you Michelle. I keep mentioning to God that as long as I'm going to have a mansion in heaven, could it please be on the beach? I love the ocean.

Have a great weekend, friend.

Jennifer said...


Nancy said...

This photo of the water is just breathtaking!!! I, too, love the water and the beach. I put a contract on a condo in Daytona Beach Shores about 10 years ago, but then changed my mind about leaving my kids. I LOVE the beach!!!

In reply to your most recent comment...I have been thinking about starting a recipe blog. I have collected recipes for years from a neighbor lady back in PA from her older sister...all old, old, but so-oooo good, recipes. Time is my problem as I still work. I may work from home, but it's still long hours on the phone and computer all day....But someday, I hope to start with just one recipe and then add a new one each week. That shouldn't take too much time, huh? LOL