Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day and Exhalted Voices

Nancy over at Nancy's Nonsense is already posting to me as to my Memorial Day Post. Ok Nancy.....only because you asked so sweetly:

If you want to know how the Redneck Riviera, and home to our finest Air Force fleet, celebrates Memorial Day.......let me show you:

Click to Enlarge

If you can see this picture, it is only a small segment of the two THOUSAND boats that gather on our local sand bar (Crab Island) for the ULTIMATE summer holiday party.

The boats range from this size:

To this size:

And EVERYTHING in between.

Our Ever present F-16's performed the Missing Man Formation in honor of our fallen troops:

If you have never been directly under 4 F16's when they perform this, you are missing something. It truly stirs your soul.

Of course, there is TONS of Fun, Sun and play time.

Mommy's favorite place during the summer is right here:

A good time was had by all, even Harley.

But, since all good things need to be continued........Ashley had her Spring Concert tonight. It is her last concert as a middle schooler. But, as you all know, my Ashley has to have the last word...........or last song if you will.

Her solo this year was Danny Boy, in honor of Memorial Day, and it was truly an experience. The girl's got PIPES ya'll!

It was a happy goodbye to all those friends she has made in the last three years as she moves to High School:

My Daughter From Another Mother isn't complaining:

And, quite frankly........this weekend wore us ALL out!

Oh. I almost forgot to mention: Allen's sister and BIL joined us for a bit, as did our (almost) 5 year old nephew Ethan:

When it comes right down to it, no matter how beautiful the day is, you have to thank God for our glorious sunsets to end the days:

Have I told you all how much I love living where I do?


I got an e-mail asking me how Harley goes potty if he is on the boat......by jet ski of course!

He's not afraid of the boat, the water or the ski:


Nancy said...

Oh, my, what a beautiful post! I love it!!! Your photos are one of a kind!!!

I know you are so proud of your daughter and her singing! I have a son who studied voice and sings at his church from time to time, so I know the pride a mother feels, believe me.

I don't know who was enjoying the water more, you or Harley! That was so cute of him in the water!
Looked like a fun time was had by all! I'm glad Harley is loved so much!!!

hippochick said...

I love the pics. Looks like a perfect Memorial Day celebration. I think you and I would agree on a good way to spend the summer. You're my kind of gal.

Did you cry during Danny Boy? I would have. I cry lots of happy tears.

I love your dog.


Jennifer said...

Man...it looks like you guys had a blast! Love all the pictures of you guys relaxing and having fun in the sun!

Ashley is a beautiful girl. I bet you had tears in your eyes the whole time. That's awesome that she had the closing song.

Harley is a cute little doggie!

Have a GREAT weekend!