Saturday, December 29, 2007

Holy Cow!!!!!!!!

For those of you that know me, you know I never pretend, never hide and never shut my mouth.

What a day today.

I ended my job, had to get ready for a new one, worried about my Mother having not seen my babies in years, worried about my friend Sharon, dealt with Christmas, dealt with the kids, etc etc etc.........

Oh what a crock.

Tonight, I drove home in the worst rain storm ever. It was a sad day, and I so do not do sad (what a lie, I cry like a baby).

I had to say goodbye today to good friends, a job I loved, and then when I left work, .....

YUP, you guessed it...........a torrential rain storm. Just what I needed.

All the way home, I prayed. My Prayer:

Dear Jesus, just get me home to my babies safely please.

I finally got home, thanking God, and was about to back into my driveway when my phone rang.

My Most handsome Other half decided I needed a surprise (he is the most awesome). His line:
HONEY! Can you and the girls throw some clothes in a bag? I have to pick up a trailer (boat) from Ft Lauderdale, and I thought you all would like to visit your family for the weekend!!!!!!

Has the man learned ANYTHING in four years?????????

Me, female extraordinaire, Oldest Daughter ...female extraordinaire in the making???? And the Taters.......with Zoe?????????

Ugh, Hilarity at My house........

I am pleased to report that we all are ready to leave at 7:00 Am.

The rest,

My mother has miraculously , managed a whole 1/3rd of our very extenuated family to change their schedule to be there for exactly two hours on Sunday (oh, we are so not going to get done by Monday morning),

Poor HIM! He, being the great son of a great man, brought up in the south where manners reign supreme, is about to clash with my VERY Southern family.................OH TO SAVE THE DAY!

By MY VERY SOUTHERN FAMILY, I mean VERY southern, not just south of the border, I mean almost south of the Equator!

Now, the time line. it is an 11 hour drive from here, we will be lucky (remember we have two daughters) to leave here by 10:00 Am. We will get there by dinnertime. Mother will have the kids (she hasn't seen them in a few years).

I will not bother you all with the time line,Suffice it to say, we are squeezing in a whole three weeks into two days.

Therefore, I will be taking my camera with TONS of batteries!

What man dares to say "can you guys just throw some clothes in a bag (at 6:00 pm), we are leaving at 7:00 AM, and live with it!!!!!!!

The greatest man in the world!

I don't care that the reason we are going home is to pick up a piece for work, I don't care that it was last minute...........

The girls and I haven't been home in years. SuperStar is taller than her grandmother. My best friend who is so inviting into her home (and godmother to my daughters), has had a really hard year and I can't wait to put my arms around her. Tater Tott, well.......none of my family has seen her since she was a baby........

And we have all of that to do in 72 hours!!!!!!! NOW tell me I am not Super Michelle!!!!!!!

I will post pictures, there will be many.

All my friends, pray that this is safe trip, a joyous one is undeniable!!!!!!!!!

Love to you all