Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Making Peace with the Past

Like most of you know, I went "home" this weekend.

And since this is a New Year, I will be the first to tell you, you may go home again, but don't expect to feel "at home". Let us qualify "home".

You have heard the know the ones.....Home is where the heart is! This is so true. My heart is no longer where I thought my home was. This weekend allowed me to realize that.

This is where my home is:

This is where I grew up:

It's beautiful, isn't it?

It's not home anymore. Let me show you what home means to me.

Home, to me is my Mother:

And My Aunt and Uncle:

And my dearest friend Shari:

And it's about My Most Handsome's Mom and Dad:

And it's about my Babies:

It was so fun to ride in this:

And acting like a tourist (yes, I got up out of the sunroof to take this) like this:

And you know we HAD to do this:

Because we left Harley at home....

But he missed us, so we had to come home and love him and shave him, and love him some more:

You will never know what life brings you, what great thing is just around the corner. Sometimes it kicks you in the teeth, sometimes it sneaks up on you.

In three short days, I made peace with a world I left. A world that was so beautiful, as long as you were either on the water or 6 stories above it. Street level, it just sucked.

I am who I am because of whom I have just shown you, I will always be who I am because I listened to them, instead of the allure of the city I love so much.

I am a tourist in my own home town, because I no longer understand it. I have made peace with my past.

All of you, My friends and my family.
You are my and my children's future.

As beautiful as the past is, it is a past that can only be viewed from 6 stories up.

Happy New Year!~!!!!!!!


Rick said...

Love Harleys - as you might remember. I want one of those scarfs for my dog.

I'm visiting all those who have posted before and I'm inviting them over to my blog for a little giveaway that I am having. No gimicks, just a way to celebrate one year of blogging.

Kellan said...

This was a great post Michelle - you come from a wonderful place!!

Happy New Year to you - I hope it is going well so far and thanks for stopping by it was so nice to see you! See you soon. Kellan

DidiLyn said...

Hey Michelle, it was fun reading about your home/family. You are so kind to remember Josiah's homecoming this week. (At least to the USA)
I appreciate so much your prayers for his safety while he was in Afghanistan.
In Christ,