Thursday, January 24, 2008

The *@#&% Flu!

Ok, earlier this year, I had the opportunity to have a flu shot. I didn't take it. My thinking?

"What me? A FLU SHOT? Heck NO! I never get the FLU! I haven't been sick in years!"

Smartie that I was! Aside from my psychotic fear of needles, I don't much care for Doctors either, they HAVE the needles!

I took a nap last Saturday and woke up all out of sorts. I even snapped at Most Handsome! We went to dinner and the steak I was craving tasted like sawdust.

Most Handsome thought it might be a good idea to take my temp. What does he know? He's a (gasp) MAN!!!

Sure enough, Low grade temp (for someone who has a normal temp of 96.8, that is a big deal!). He promptly shuffled me off to bed with two extra strength Tylenol.

I will be starting my new job next week, and since I will be working for a National Corporation, I had a drug test on that Monday. Meaning, I could take NOTHING but Tylenol. Ugh the misery!

I spent Sunday in bed, and Monday morning, first thing, I managed to make it to my drug screening. I told the young lady doing the test that I had the flu. Needless to say (do people our age still use recreational drugs?) my tests were negative except for an abnormal (read higher than normal) glucose level. She eyed me suspiciously over her glasses and asked me if I had been drinking. My eyes misted over, as I sputtered out, OK OK, I CHEATED, I COULDN'T STAND IT ANYMORE I TOOK A NYQUIL.........OK OK, I TOOK TWO!

She took my temp, and for some reason found this very very funny. She gave me the all clear with the very stupid comment, "Drink lots of fluid, take plenty of Advil or Tylenol as you need it, even Nyquil if it helps you feel better, get plenty of rest and come back here if you don't feel better in about three days."

Like I was EVER going back there!

Today I can actually manage to sit up in bed for longer than ten minutes! YAY!!!!!!!!!

Moral of the story: TAKE THE DARNED FLU SHOT!


My Goodness said...

Hey! I'm sorry you have the crud...hope your family stays well.

Thanks for visiting my blog...and about the artsy stuff with the accounting degree...I SO should have never had that degree. It was one of those 'You only have a year left, just finish it.' I have never used it...other than balancing my you see, I never really had 'that' brain in the first place!

Nice to meet you!!

Cheryl Wray said...

I have also never taken a flu shot. I usually get sick maybe once a season and I really don't want to suffer through a shot to avoid that! But, knowing me... just when I refuse to I will get sick like you!!!

btw..glad to see you pop on my blog. I'm glad to find yours and will visit back soon!

(Hope you feel better real soon!!)

Rick said...

Funny post - my wife got the flu shot and then promptly got the flu. She was not happy with her doctor.

Thanks for listing me in your favorites. I am honored - very much.

And thanks for your very kind comment on my blog. I love doing the drawings - just trying to stay ahead of the request.

I'll have to check the two Harley dealerships that I frequent for the dog scarf, but I'm not sure that our little fluffy dog is the Harley type.

Great photos for your crew - BTW

Bronie said...

Michelle, I hope you're feeling better by now. I used to never take a flu shot either, but now because of the meds I take for RA which suppress my immune system, I have to. But so far, no flu for me, just my husband. ;)

DidiLyn said...

Hope you are feeling better by now. We have escaped the evil clutches of the flu so far this year. Take care!
Diane in REALLY SNOWY Oregon

T said...

I linked to your blog from another. Glad to meet you. Hope your feeling better!

Tracy said...

We had being doing pretty well avoiding the crud but then I had my daughter's birthday party this past weekend and there were two kids, siblings, who looked a little cruddy and were coughing and now the baby has a cough and my middle child is not feeling well. Shoot.
I have never gotten the flu shot for myself either. I hope you feel better soon!