Thursday, January 17, 2008

From Childhood to Adulthood via PUBERTY!

Of all of the great events in my life, there are a few that I knew would come, but I wish I could put off like.............FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feast your eyes on my darling daughter:

She was cute, wasn't she?

Well, as of two days ago, she is now grown. Well, biologically anyway.

I have always been open in speaking with my girls, but I didn't realize I would actually have to give them up to WOMANHOOD (ugh, shudder).

I did all the parental things, I have been open and honest, she is so beautiful, so self possessed, so AMAZING..........

Why couldn't I get to keep her little? Just for a little while longer? I am not ready to give her to this big bad world!

Ah well, like my Super Star would say: "Suck it up Mom, I had to grow up sometime. But I love you, and I will always be your baby".

She's DA BOMB!

1 comment:

Bronie said...

yikes. i am not looking forward to that AT ALL. she is a beauty though. look at that hair and those beautiful teeth!