Saturday, February 2, 2008

Change at 40! (alright 42)

As many of you know, I started a new job last week, and since it is the Internet, I obviously cannot tell you exactly where I work. I am an employee in the vast media company known as Freedom Communications.

It's been an adventure, and a time of huge change for me.

I have always been a small business accountant. I never had an ambition to work for a HUGE company like this one, because I always thought that I would get lost in the shuffle, my talents wasted.

Yet, as of last week, here I am.

Getting here was an adventure in itself. I felt like my whole life was under a microscope. I had to have a background check done, a credit check, and a drug screening, just to see if I was even remotely worthy of working for this conglomerate.

Then the interviews, the signing of contracts, the endless manuals I had to read, the policies I had to review, and that was before I even STARTED my first day of work!

I was so nervous. How much was I really sure of myself and my abilities and my knowledge. How could I go from managing finances for a small business to manage a department in a network of thousands of people?

I will tell you, it is much easier to tell the owner of a small business that he just doesn't have the funds for his overinflated ambition, than it is telling countless department managers, Veeps and the like, that I need what they have NOW!

I was thrown to the wolves!

Not really, my boss is patient. Being at a remote office from mine, she has tried desperately to get a handle on things. She is my new lifeline and will probably end up being a good ally.

Intimidation aside (all those "really important people"), I have managed one week. I feel good about it. My talents, my knowledge and my sheer skill seems to be what they really were looking for (they didn't just appeal to my ego).

I will continue to ask you my friends and family to pray. At 42, this has been such a change, and sometimes I think I am just feeling my way instinctively. When my instinct fails, and my ability to "speak"accounting falters, I will count on God to show me the way. I have a talent, after all, only on loan from Him (sorry Rush).

I hope all of you have had an amazing New Year so far. May you have new adventures, and people who love an support you as I do.