Monday, February 25, 2008

Mundane Monday.....Or Not!

I knew there was something I disliked about working for a national corporation......DEADLINES!

The end of the month is fast approaching and with the little training I got, my head is spinning.

Not just the deadlines, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, I have to make sure everything gets done, and I also have to hire someone new. My boss was going to do it with me, but due to a family tragedy, she will be unavailable.

And this is my dilemma.

Do you ever wonder just what God's plan is? Why mean, nasty people: thieves, wife abusers, murderers, child abusers live and innocents die? Why does God decide that one can survive to torment others here on Earth and the other, who's life is so valued by many, he takes from us?

My boss has a 19 year old son, who's girlfriend (18) died in a horrific car accident this weekend. She got a call late Friday night that her boyfriend was involved in a fender bender in Tallahassee while he was going to see her. He was not hurt, but the car was, and he was stranded. Being the person that she was, she immediately got in the car for the 7 hour drive to go rescue him. She was just below Gainesville when she encountered some very bad weather, lost control of her car and hit a tree. She was a talented, beautiful and caring young lady. I never had the pleasure of meeting her, but reading about her today made me so sad. Sadder yet (she didn't suffer), for my boss's son who is losing himself in the guilt, thinking this was somehow his fault.

We see so many horrible people in the news and some even in our daily lives. God's way makes so little sense some days.

I will never be so pompous to think that I deserve an explanation, but to see so many people suffer because she was so loved, hardly seems fair.

What think you?


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Incredibly sad. It broke my heart to read this story. Truly senseless - it seems.


DidiLyn said...

we'll never really understand until we reach the other side, I guess. But I do know this: God DOES LOVE US. Amazing isn't it? And how do we wrap our minds around that?
Maybe all we can do is remember and remind each other.
Thank you for your HELPFUL advice on my tax post! I DO need to get another accountant that doesn't make me freeze up.
Thanks, hon!

The Journey Begins Here said...

It's hard not to ask why. I recently heard someone say, don't ask why, ask what. What can I do to make life better, to give God the Glory. Life isn't fair. It amazes me that the birds are singing could they be singing when this beautiful girl is gone...children get cancer, they die. We aren't meant to understand His ways. I'll pray for your bosses son. Poor guy! Theresa

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