Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Concerts and Joyful Noise

Tonight was Ashley's annual Christmas Concert.

As Dawn (Ashley's best friend Jazmine's mom) and I sat there we realized that we are old hat at this. Our daughters are soon headed off to High School. We had done these concerts a hundred times. We try to keep the kids in line, critique, praise, make funny faces from the pews......

Doesn't Ashley just look like she wants to say Fu**...I MEAN FaLa La La La

Heads up, Ashley and Jazmine have been friends since fourth grade, they are inseparable. For better or worse, they are attached at the hip.

I want you all to be very proud of me! I actually have learned to not sit in the pew with a tissue, I can cry when I am proud (and yes, I am DAMNED PROUD that my daughter singing makes me cry with joy) and still not let the kids see it!

The kids were great! Ashley had her complaints.....the 7th grade sang with the select chorus and ruined their performance, etc......But, they worked hard and the noise emanating from all those throats was truly JOYFUL!

The cutest picture of the night is one Ashley isn't even in (she had to run an errand for her Chorus director). Think Logan will ever forget this moment??????

If you enlarge this picture, and look in the upper right, there is Ashley coming out of the Choir room!


This is my favorite concert every year, and YES MOM .....I cried!

The Whole Crew


Beth said...

It is a mom's duty to cry at things like this! Looks like you guys had a great night!

Linda said...

We just had our Christmas concert night before last. This was our baby, a high school freshman! It's hard to see them grow up. Now I know (because of two older kids) that there really will come a time when it is the last choir concert.

Bronie said...

i always loved concert choir. the pictures made me reminisce a little. i was always in some sort of music group in school, but i lost all my pictures in the stupid hurricane. oh well, at least there are no reminders of all that bad hair! LOL