Thursday, December 20, 2007

Harley in desperate need of a shave.

Mom and Dad, this is for you.

Allen wanted to wait until we actually groomed him this weekend (so he can wear his Christmas sweater with pride), but I think we can do "before" shots now and an "after" shots when he decides that we are not horrible parents and we shave his face for his own good.

What a face.

Here you go Mom and Dad:

Here is our most handsome little man

I am not sure who is more active, Harley or the kids.

So, Mom and Dad, Here is our boy. He is super smart, in love with the girls, and in bad need of grooming (although this is the second time he has been groomed), he hates his face being done.....(.too bad toots, Mom and Dad want to see your face dagnabit). He will get his this weekend (he has to look handsome in his new cardigan and Polo shirt!!!!)

We love you and wish you were here with us for Christmas!!!!

M & A


mememe said...

wow..i just liked the pics. They a sweet n it was good to see them..but you dont really write oops!! i didnt like what you wrote!!..hey..u dont ned to mind this!!..hhaa....n i stumbled on your blog from that sunshines blog!!( IRAQ)

Anne Thompson said...

Hi there. Our pups are actually maltese and poodles, the barky von shnauzer is just a silly name they picked! your little guy is sooooo cute! Have a Merry Christmas!