Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cars and other things Guys are supposed to fix

This is what broke in my car.

One week ago, I was coming back from taking Ashley to school and in the middle of a major road, this stupid thing broke.

What happened you ask? The car died. It wasn't a horrible death, it was a very quiet, everything just was working then it wasn't, kind of death.

And then came THE MECHANIC.

You would think, that since this is a guy thing, it would be a quick fix. It wasn't. A week later, I still don't have my car.

The Belt led to the oil leak that caused the belt to break, which was a seal that had to be replaced. Which led to the discovery that the pulleys are bad and they may not need to be replaced now, but they may not last long, to a family emergency which prevented the mechanic from working on the car....ENOUGH!


You'd think the problem was this:


I think this may be who is working on my car:

You all pray and maybe I'll get my car back this year sometime!


Bronie said...

hey sweetie! sorry i haven't been by in a while. i definitely would've been prayin' for the bubbas workin' on yore car. :)

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

HEY -- where did you find that photo of my FIL? LOL


So glad your car is now fixed! Yoo Hoo!!