Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I used to think addictions were just to drugs, or to smoking, or to overeating! I was so wrong.

I have a new addiction.

It is so bad that sometimes I wake up in the morning dreaming about having it. It interferes with my thought processes at work until I get it. I even know that I can't even call my supplier before 11:00 AM! They absolutely REFUSE to answer the phone until 11:05, and they VACATION in the summer (OH THE NERVE!)!

I watch the clock!

What time do they open! I start going through DT's at EXACTLY ten! An hour too early.

I (hangs head in utter shame) am addicted to this:

YES! (weeping) Thai !

Specifically Panang Chicken........... (Weeping in sorrow at my utter fall from Steak and French Fries).............

UGH (the shame)

THAI HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, how it tantalizes the taste buds, how it livens the senses. The scent of Thai Basil and Kaffir lime mixed with fragrant coconut milk.

The pea pods...........I LONG! I DESIRE!

The tender chicken. I am DOOMED!

Looking for recipes is hopeless, everyone is different and I cannot find ONE that has ingredients I recognize or even know where to buy, or how to ask for (some, I can't even pronounce). Is it Red Curry, or yellow or green, and then HOW MUCH to get it just right?

I am doomed. For the rest of my life I will be a slave to the Thai Hut. Or the Thai House (don't care for them much, expensive and no veggies) or Pad Thai.........(NEVER open when they are supposed to be!). Then there is a new one opening up the street.......Thai CHEF!

There is my secret place, Thai Orchid, the do a LUNCH BUFFET! But..........It's delicious, not HOT!

Oh, woe is me!

The Monkey on my back (hey, are there monkeys in Thailand?)

Anyone know a 12 step for Panang Chicken rehab?


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

My brother-in-law is always raving about how wonderful Penang Chicken is. I've never had any. Next time I'm at a Thai restaurant I'll be sure to order it!

hippo chick said...

You are too funny. I, too, am doomed. My new addiction is McDonald's mocha Frappe. I have no will power. I feel like I MUST have one very day.

~hippo hugs~

Cheryl Wray said...

Mmmm, if I were near you maybe I could help you with your addiction...but probably not, since I love it too!! said...

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