Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What Was Your First Job?

It's official. Ashley-Anne has landed her first job!

She's a summer counselor and office helper. She was given a choice. Use scholarship money that she'd earned to pay for her Elite Chorus trip to Disney this year, or work for the Boys and Girls Club and earn it.

She chose the job.

My BABY! Has her first job. We spent this afternoon filling out applications, W-4's and I-9s! MY BABY FILLED OUT AN I-9!

She is officially employed.

Going to cry now!


I lied on a job application (about my age) so that I could work at her age......for Mrs Fields Cookies.

What was YOUR first job?


sharon said...

I worked under my older sister's name at a drive in theater.... was 14.

Ashley-Anne said...

Haha wow I don't know what to say about this one :D Thanks for the support?? lol I start Monday for the Boys and Girls club :D Yay!!!!! said...

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