Monday, April 14, 2008

Now that I have been "meme'ed"

Ok Ladies (and Dad), this one is not a true Meme. It is a question.

If you could pick three people, either fictional or real, dead or alive..... that you could invite to dinner and have a conversation with........

A) Who would you want to have dinner with?

B) What would you discuss?

C) What would you serve?


hippochick said...


I just dropped in from Cheryl's blog. What a fun blog. Loved your seven facts. Also, your dog is adorable.

I'll be back.

Cheryl Wray said...

Okay... I just did your 7 Random things about Me on my blog!!!


Gerrit said...

Hi Michelle,
just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog. This 7 random things "thing" seems to be weaving an interesting network of people... I would love to visit as many countries as possible, especially if my job takes me there for "free". My Experience here in South America so far has been very positive. I only wish my spanish was so much better. I've learned quite a bit in the 2 weeks I've been here though. I can understand much more than I speak. I can however, probably maintain a conversation with a 4 year old in German, should you ever need some help with that... LOL.

So, out of respect to the post I am adding this comment to, here are my answers...

A) Sir Isaac Newton, Sir Edmund Hillary, and Ernest Shackleton

B) I'd discuss anything but politics I think. Mostly I just love to listen to the Adventures they've had and the ideas they've come up with.

C) I'd probably cook up a chunk of meat on the grill, probably some poultry seasoned with a garlic butter thats been injected under the skin. Salt it before cooking to bring out the flavors, ad make sure the skin is good and crispy. Also grill up some fresh corn on the cob, steamed in the husks. And garlic Dill red skin potatoes.