Tuesday, August 25, 2009


In this world of utter chaos, the simplest thing happens that just puts everything right.

Ashley went to the Choctaw Scrimmage game tonight.

While she was there she ran into some old friends. Some from middle school, some from Elementary school and one very special someone. Not to her yet.......


It's Valentines. Ash who is now a sophomore in HS was a 7th grader and wanted to date this boy Ryan OVER MY DEAD BODY.

But she asked me.....she said "Mom, he says he has a gift for me and his mom is driving him and if he meets you and Allen, can he PLEASE??????"

I told her it would be ok as long as he acted like a gentleman and met her parents.

He was sweet. He brought her a dozen roses that he had saved for, a stuffed monkey that still resides in the house and the poor boy's knees were knocking so hard you could have heard them in Canada!

But he was such a good kid! There were endless discussions between his (divorced) parents and I, Is this right? Should we allow this at their age........

They ended up breaking up over the phone. Ash had too much on her plate, Ryan played football, Both at different schools.

And yet this very sweet kid keeps appearing in her life.

Tonight, he didn't think she should walk home from the game by herself.

Ash opened the door and said "Mom, I have a surprise for you" Poor kid was hiding to see if it was ok! I couldn't wait to get this poor boy in the house. He had grown so TALL! He'd cut the surfer hair and ..........damn was he cute (not for me you pervs...for HER). All Advanced placement classes, HS Football....just as cute as can be.

I told him how proud I was of him, hugged him about to death and let them have the living room for just a few minutes.

I talked to Ash after and she said........"he's cute, but Mom, I just have too much going on in my life for a B/F"

I am so proud of my daughter but I will tell you my bloggy friends..........MARK MY WORDS..........

Some day Mr Ryan is going to be my son-in law! It will just have to wait until after college.


hippo chick said...

You crack me up, Michelle. I just love hearing from you.

I love my son in law so much. I hope your girls are as fortunate in their mates as Gretchen is.

Love and
~hippo hugs~

hippo chick said...

P.S. Michelle,

I've been away and just caught up on some of your postings. Jim and I get a paper 7 days a week. I don't feel my day has really started until I read the paper.

~hippo hugs~

Michelle said...


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