Saturday, February 21, 2009

Surgery for Taylor

It's time for an update. Yes, Taylor has to have eye surgery. BUT, I want to tell you about what your prayers have done.

Our last visit to the eye doctor was disheartening. We thought we would be able to get around the cataract in her eye with glasses, at least for a bit of time. That isn't going to happen. The best that her eye is correctable is to 20/200 WITH glasses. The cataract is too much of an obstruction. Added to that, Miss Invincible, who thinks she can do anything, is damaging her left eye due to the strain that she is placing on it.

Something had to be done.....NOW.

The hope was a new lens. A MANMADE lens. And a surgery that will cost upwards of $5000.00.

I have been a single mom for ever and I do not have medical insurance. The eye doctor has been kind enough to allow me to make payments but this was daunting.

And then...........A miracle................YOUR miracle. The one that so many of you praying out there made happen.

I got a call yesterday from the office manager at the eye doctor's office and she was elated!

The news:

The eye surgeon will be donating his time.

The Children's Volunteer Health Network (for those of you looking for a good charity) will be paying the surgery center .

And the Manufacturer of the lens:
Will be donating the lens.

And it's not any lens! It's a brand spanking new type of lens!

In the past, when people had lens replacement surgery, they still had to wear glasses for seeing things near to them. The lens didn't expand and retract with the eye. This one does.

Tay will have approximately 48 hrs of discomfort and when that is over, she will have 20/20 vision again! There aren't even any sutures!

The only possible downfall is, that maybe by the time Taylor is 50 or 60, she may develop glaucoma. That is a chance we are very willing to take. She will have most of her life that she will be able to see, and possibly by then, they will have a cure for that too!

All this....................from prayers.

Isn't God just amazing???????

And so are all of you!


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

God is amazing!

He answers prayers every day. All you have to do is have faith that your prayer will be answered and trust that his answer will be the best one.

I'm so happy for Taylor and so thankful for this wonderful clinic adn the makers of the lens!

DidiLyn said...

Praise God for this! That is amazing and wonderful news. I am so happy for you guys!
Thank you, God...

Nancy said...

I am shocked about the surgery but happy that her eye can be corrected. Yes, God is good, and He is always there for us...all we have to do is turn to Him in our times of need. I know you are excited that her vision can be corrected to 20/20! Praise the Lord!!! What else can I say! Bless her little heart...

Keep us posted when the surgery is to take place so we can all send up extra prayers then!!!

Love you guys and lots of hugs, too!

Kimberly said...

I have kept up with your story through A Mom's Life. I am so excited for your family and the miracle that God is doing in your lives. I will pray for the surgery to go well and for Taylor's sight to be restored! God is truly the GREAT PHYSICIAN!!

hippo chick said...

Oh Michelle,

Our God is an awesome God. What wonderful news - not that she has to have the surgery, but all the other. I am just so happy for you and your girls.


~hippo hugs~

Cheryl Wray said...

This is FANTASTIC news!!!!!! Praise God!