Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Night

Someone please explain THIS to me:

What is it, why did Obama choose it? Is our Old Glory not good enough? Is our flag, which I have looked on with pride for my entire life, just not enough of a symbol of who we are as a country?

Is there some reason why this:
Just isn't good enough anymore?

Some of you know me well, some of you know me a little, but My Flag......OUR Flag, will be the only one that matters to me EVER. I can see it this way:
I can even love it like this, when our country was still young yet:

What I won't tolerate is this:

Or that OBAMANATION (pun(and poor spelling) intended) of what is in front of Obama every time he speaks.

THIS IS MY FLAG: And I will serve no other:

Even when it looks like this:

And SPECIALLY when it looks like this:

I have always believed that THESE COLORS DON'T RUN! They are mine, and yours.....

Not that milquetoast of a sad attempt that Obama wears so proudly.

Today, Election day, I am here to tell you as an immigrant (legal) in this country......I only have one flag, and OBAMA, Your's AIN'T IT.