Monday, August 18, 2008

Changes and New Additions

I know you all remember Harley.

In my breakup with Allen, he and his father used power, fear and intimidation to take him away from us. The girls were devastated.

The girls were so upset and I didn't know what to do to make them feel better. One day at the copier at work, I noticed a poster someone in advertising put up. An ad rep and his wife were having a baby and needed to get rid of their cat. I kept looking at it, and shaking my head. I didn't want another pet. The loss of Harley hit us all very hard.

Yet the more I looked at it, and the more I thought about it, I started to think "why not?" We had a cat before, but had to get rid of him because Allen was allergic. Since he isn't a part of our lives anymore....why not. I asked the ad rep if we could take him for the weekend and see how it went and he readily agreed.

Meet Oliver:

He's a little haughty, a little crazy, and downright lovable.

The girls are happier and the house feels like a home again.

They were very upset that they had to leave him for their first day of school today, but Oliver managed just fine. I came home for lunch and our new little man DEMANDED attention that I was all too happy to give him.

Life moves on sometimes, even if we are reluctant.

In other news, I had a blind date on Saturday. Surprisingly, it went very well. He dressed well, spoke well, and was very charming. Maybe it was time for us all to move on.

I miss all of you my bloggy friends, but know I am back now. And stronger than ever. I can't wait to get back in the habit of chatting with all of you. The storm has passed. God does answer prayers ya'll. There are still changes that need to be made, but everything is looking forward, not back.


Diane said...

I've missed you! I emailed and was hoping you were doing better. Sometimes change is good. The new kitty was certainly a wonderful addition. God leads us to new and adventurous things and people. We learn with each one. I'm happy the date went well.

It's great to see you back!


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I'm so happy that things are going well for you! And yes, God does answer prayers!

I will pray that God continues to help you and the girls as you work through the changes in your life!

God bless you!

hippochick said...

YIPPEE!!! You're back. I've missed you. I have prayed much for all of you and am happy to hear that you are moving ahead. Take things slowly and trust in the Lord.

We love you guys.

~huge hippo hugs~

Nancy said...

Welcome back!!! I've missed you!!!

Sorry to hear about Harley. Poor little fella....he musat feel lost without the kids around. Allen didn't take the dog's best interests to heart. I am soooo glad that you gave Oliver a home! Think how he must have felt, losing the home and his owners. I have an Oliver, too, and he was one the family no longer wanted. I thought about how his little heart must have felt being taken out of the only home he ever knew and into a new one. I love him to pieces!!! You need to read my PETS posts as my daughter's cat got cancer from those feline leukemia shots! They don't need those shots if they're kept inside all the time. Plus, make sure he gets a food low in magnesium as male cats have more of a tendency to get kidney stones. I just went through that in June with my Oliver. I wrote all about these problems on my posts listed under PETS posts.

Your Oliver is beautiful, and I can see, already spoiled!!! LOL

Glad you are dating again, too!!! Look at it this's HIS loss, not yours!!! That's how I have made it through.....I think of that all the time!!! God works in mysterious ways.

Love ya!!! I'm glad you're back!!!

(((((( HUGS ))))))

Bronie said...

welcome back! glad things are on the up-swing. been missing you.

Diane said...

Just checking in...miss hearing from you!

Love ya,

hippochick said...

You and yours are still in my prayers.

TAke care of yourself.

~hippo hugs~


Anonymous said...

Allen is a complete jerk and I'm so GLAD you are moving on. Nobody should ever dare to hurt my nieces and my sister!! Oliver is very cute and spoiled already and I think he's a great new addition. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. I can't wait to hear about the blind date.

hippochick said...

Come on, sweetie! Post again. I soooo miss you.

Love and prayers,

Is the weather around you safe?